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Nancy Guppy said:

"   You have a gift that is amazing that God intended to be shared. You give us the strength to go forward and realize our true potential. Marianne reminds us that God loves us and with her massages and interactions we can get reconnected (or stay connected) and manifest the amazing love and ability to heal and shine. Her touch is the most deep, psychic and profound I have ever experienced."


Catherine Dewar-O'Grady said:

"   I have been seeing Marianne for a number of years. She came highly recommended by one of my sisters. I had been having neck problems for quite a while mostly at the base of my neck and across my upper back. This was caused probably from sitting at a computer all day. The neck problem caused me extreme pain between my shoulders. I own my own business and deal with a fair amount of stress, which didn't help my situation. Migraine headaches were a common occurrence monthly.

I see Marianne by-weekly on a regular basis. I no longer have a bump at the base of my neck and my shoulder pain is much less. Migraine headaches seldom happen to me anymore.

The deep tissue massage is not always pleasant, but it does work. I don't need deep tissue as much anymore. Because of regular maintenance I get to enjoy relaxation therapy more. This has really helped my stress level also.

I consider my bi-weekly appointments with Marianne a necessity for the good of my health both physically and emotionally. She is a professional, kind, smart, sensitive woman, and I was fortunate to find her."

Gord Valliant, D.C. said:

"   I have been a client at Caring Moments for a number of years. Marianne has always provided that "wow" factor from the first moment that she greets you in preparation for your therapy session. Her attention is focused on your concerns for being there. She provides a comfortable environment for a totally relaxing experience and what is important is that is prepared to allow your session to extend for a full 1 1/2 hours. In choosing a health care provider to play a role in my wellness objectives, what I expect is consistency in service, and Marianne measures up to this standard with an above average score. This is how you develop client loyalty and I would strongly recommend that you do yourself a favour and call Marianne to be included in her "client caring" roster."

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