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Annette C. said:

"Marianne has worked all of her beautiful gifts on me. She gives from the heart. Her power is truly felt."

   Dear Friend, 
I was fortunate enough to meet Marianne during a local Palliative Care Conference. She offered mini-massage sessions throughout the day. Right from the very first encounter, her warmth radiated. I made a few bubbly jokes and sat in her chair for a little TLC. Within minutes of her caring moments, she said that she could tell I was holding in a lot of pent up anger (despite the positive nature most see). It was then that I confessed I was in the middle of a difficult divorce. She worked through much more than "knots" in my back and released my tension from the inside. Within that very small window, I knew that Marianne had a gift of healing beyond regular massage. I knew I just had to book a personal appointment with her.

I have been seeing Marianne for several months now. It is hard to fully capture in words the gifts that she offers- they truly have to be experienced on a personal level. I believe that healing of all forms comes from nurturing the body, mind, and spirit at their very core. Marianne uses her intuition and talents to bridge the flow of your spirit through your body and mind. She assesses your needs and engages in a treatment ranging from Deep Tissue Massage to Reflexology and Reiki. The healing and feeling of well-being go well beyond the soothed sore muscles.

I personally turn to Marianne in times when life’s stressors start speaking back to me through tensions in my body. She helps me relax, nurture and reconnect so that I feel centered with renewed perspective and strength. I believe she played a key role in helping me through the stress of losing my mother and the openness to receive the gift of being by her side. The lessons and gifts are there for those ready and open to receive them. Thank you Marianne

Pamela K. Simpson                                                                                                      

  Daisy M. S said:

"Marianne has a very caring aura about her. She is a sincere lady with a gently healing touch that compliments her various practitioner skills and talents. She is honest, professional, respectful and supportive, just the type of person for your healing work."

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