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Dear Friend.

My name is Marianne Willars and I have been a local health care professional in North Bay for over 16 years.

I enjoy sharing and talking with you to empower you on many levels of healing. My previous case studies allow me to learn and continue to offer you exactly what you need in order to get the results you want in a relatively short period of time.

I can offer you a good blend of effective medical massage and relaxation techniques. My intuition, and a great deal of caring allows me to work with genuine confidence, flexibility and integrity while I work with all my clients.

I can also offer you a variety of quick, efficient, and affordable services like 30 minute to 1 hour treatments (or more) of massages such as Body Sculpturing Deep Tissue, Relaxation with acupressure, or Seated massage for upper body work.

In addition, Foot Reflexology and Reiki are but a few alternative healing modalities that may assist with your own physical, emotional and spiritual healings. I truly enjoy the work I do, and it is demonstrated through my results. 

I am also fluently bilingual in French and English.

I encourage you to look at the testimonials page.

For your Caring Moment call Marianne @ 705-476-9828

Love and light.

Marianne Willars

Mission Statement
Be the facilitator for bringing the "JOY" of healing to others